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5200mAh Machenike M710C-i7 Battery

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  • Voltage: 14.8V
  • Capacity: 5200mAh / 76.96Wh / 8Cell
  • Type: Li-ion
  • Color: Black
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Warranty: 1 Year Warranty
Compatible Battery Models:
  • Clevo 6-87-P157S-4272, 6-87-P157S-4273, P157SMBAT-8
Compatible Laptop Models:
  • Clevo EON17-S, EON117-S, EON15-S, P17SM-A, P157SM-A, P177SM-A, P177SM, P157SM
  • Hasee K780S-i7, K780E
  • Schenker XMG P503-4OB, XMG P503-6AZ, XMG P503-9IH, XMG P504, XMG P503-1AF, XMG P503-5OR, XMG P503-8IN, XMG P503, XMG P502, XMG P704
  • Sager NP8258, NP8250
  • Terrans Force X611-R9-47V, X611-870M-47S, X811-880M-47SH1, X611-880M-47SH1, X811-980M-47SH1, X611-980M-47SH1, X611-870M-47SH3, X811-980M-48SH1, X611-870M-47T, X811-8970M-47T, X611-970M-47SH1, X811-780M-47V, X611-870M-47SH2, X811, X611-770M-47V, X811-880M-491SH1, X611-8970M-47, X811-870M-47SH1, X811 SERIES, X611-780M-48V, X811-880M-47SH2, X611-880M-47SH2, X811-870M-47T, X611-980M-48SH1, X611-870M-47SH1, X811-880M-47S1, X611-880M-47S1, X811-970M-47SH1, X611-970M-47SH2, X811-770M-47T, X811-M290X-47T, X611-880M, X811-8970M-47, X611-8970M-47T, X811-870M-47S1, X811-980M, X611-780M-48T, X811-880M-48SH1, X611-880M-48SH1, X811-870M-47SH2, X611 SERIES, X611
  • Machenike M710C-i7
  • Model: USON-CLEVO-P157SMBAT-8-5200mAh-36
  • 200 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Clevo

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